It is time to be done with half-heartedness, going through the motions, and attempting to play the part. It is time to become faithful followers of Jesus.
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New Life Fellowship began in the summer of 2004.  It was formed as a result of several people desiring to see their community transformed by the power of Christ.  New Life Fellowship began meeting in a bank basement in Topeka, but soon needed more space to accommodate what God was doing.  New Life Fellowship soon started meeting Sunday mornings in the cafeteria at Meadowview Elementary School.  On March 16, 2008 the Church moved into its current home, located 3.5 miles South of the intersection of US 20 and SR 5.  New Life Fellowship is a partner church with Nappanee Missionary Church.  New Life Fellowship continues to grow and reach the community for Christ.

Our mission is to “make fully committed disciples.”
“A passion for the mission rather than a passion to create an institution.”

A healthy church has a worldwide mission.
“A Heart for the Nations.”

A healthy church is a praying church.
“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit…”

A healthy church is kingdom conscious rather than turf conscious.
“Thy kingdom come,” not my kingdom come.

A healthy church is generous.
“God is a God of unlimited wealth!”

A healthy church is a place of teamwork.
“Cooperation without compromise!”

A healthy church is one in which people are participants not spectators.
“Discovering and using your Spiritual Gifts for the edification of the Body of Christ.”

A healthy church is an optimistic church!
“Our greatest days are just ahead!”


To raise up faithful followers who: Seek Jesus passionately; Grow in wisdom, word, and walk; Engage their call intentionally; and Multiply the mission through others.
To forge faithful followers of Jesus.