Easter Week Details

Believe it or not, it has been exactly one month to the day since we last met as the NLF Church in our building. We had to change our clocks to get to church on time that day, but now we can’t even meet corporately. Never before as a pastor has there been a time that I couldn’t freely meet with those that I love. And here we are, one FULL MONTH since we last were able to all meet together!

We miss YOU! But we are finding ways to connect and the limit of face-to-face meeting has presented us with opportunity.  With Jesus, we want to move forward and be THE CHURCH!  If you are not aware, we are finding unique ways to connect:

  • Facebook Live Sunday Worship at 10am every Sunday. While we can’t see you, we still strive to connect by providing worship and scripture to walk with Jesus. Thanks for your encouraging ‘loves’ and encouragement on our Facebook page!
  • NLF Zoom Online meetings – our first meeting was Tuesday, April 7th with over 30 joining us. It was great to SEE YOU!  Check your emails for specific links to these meetings.  Contact Us (link at bottom of page) if you are not receiving these emails.  Our next meeting is tonight (April 8th at 7PM)
  • GOOD FRIDAY ON SITE EVENT – on April 10th from 6-7pm we are hosting a drive-through prayer event at New Life!  We would love to pray over you as you “drive through” our property. We will be on hand from 6-7PM at the church. A couple important details:  This is an open-house concept (come anytime form 6-7PM) / You will not be able to exit your car as we are still practicing social distancing / The building will not be open / Staff would love to see you through your vehicle window and pray over each car / You will be directed as you enter the property / Tune into NLF Facebook Live during the event to hear testimonies, prayer and encouragement from various NLF families. Feel free to make poster greetings and/or verses for you to place inside your car for your NLF family to see as you drive by.

Keep praying!  God wants to do His work in you and me, in our church family, our communities and our world. Now that He has our attention – KEEP FOLLOWING JESUS.  Spend time in the word, prayer and conversations with others on how we can keep quarantining with Jesus!

Pastor Russ


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