“If Jesus came in the flesh today, I wonder if we would accuse him of being un-American.”

In this beautiful country, we have certain ways of doing things around here. Not everyone, but many would say:

  • Work hard during the week to play on the weekend.
  • Smile when you walk by but don’t invade someone’s personal space.
  • Stop on over at the house sometime but please call ahead and let me know your coming.
  • Always pick the shortest line but never cut in.
  • And Christmas is a very, very, very, very big deal

It is just the way it is.

I hope Jesus would never be anti-American. He loves all people and came as a baby to offer salvation to all people.

Yet I wonder if Jesus would be un-American in how he celebrates Christmas.

Would Jesus celebrate his own birthday the way most of us do? Would he take on all the responsibilities, expectations and traditions of the season? Would he make the list and check it twice?

Let’s reclaim this wonderful day! Let’s take Christmas back and celebrate with Jesus the way it was celebrated on the very first Christmas where gifts were given, God was worshipped and the good news was proclaimed.

Let me welcome you to:  Bringing Christmas Home… Making Room In My Heart For Jesus

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