Easter Week Details

Believe it or not, it has been exactly one month to the day since we last met as the NLF Church in our building. We had to change our clocks to get to church on time that day, but now we can’t even meet corporately. Never before as a pastor has there been a time that I couldn’t freely meet with those that I love. And here we are, one FULL MONTH since we last were able to all meet together!

We miss YOU! But we are finding ways to connect and the limit of face-to-face meeting has presented us with opportunity.  With Jesus, we want to move forward and be THE CHURCH!  If you are not aware, we are finding unique ways to connect:

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New realities

Every day we face new realities from the rapidly changing world around us. Each of us are affected in unique ways that shape our day. Many of us feel alone and unsure of how the next day will unfold. BUT…Walking daily with Jesus enables us to face our reality with courage, purpose and hope.  AND, we are convinced that it becomes more exciting and effective as we do this with others at NLF. We are seeking God and believe that He is moving NLF to some great opportunities even in this time of social distancing from the Coronavirus. Tune into our Facebook Live broadcast on March 29 @ 10am and begin to pray with us about the opportunities we face.

I’m grateful..

“I’m grateful for the presence of Jesus in the reality of our moments created by the latest crisis.  I have sensed him powerfully in my prayer times, from jumping into scripture and in my worship.  I was listening to my playlist today and found myself drawn into these lyrics:  I don’t have to be afraid anymore! I will not give in to despair.  Keep connected to Jesus!  Fear does not tell us the truth about our current realities – Jesus does!  If you want to check out the song:  Afraid  Tenth Avenue North

-Pastor Russ

Link for Pastor Drew’s latest church-wide update (3.18.20)